Five Alternative Accessories for Your Camping Trip

Whether you’re off on a short camping holiday or a fully-fledged backpacking trip, it’s vitally important that you make sure you’ve got all the essentials covered. Packing should be a well-planned process undertaken well in advance of your departure date; you’ll definitely regret your decision of packing in a hurry your, only to arrive at your destination without an item that you just can’t do without.
Camping Trip
The true essentials speak for themselves but there are a number of items that aren’t immediately obvious that will definitely prove to be your trip extremely enjoyable by either making life easier or offering a little bit of luxury where you will not normally expect it.

Shelter in Seconds
If you are planning on going an extended vacation then you’ll have a choice of going down the hostel route or to save some cash by camping. In case you opt for the latter then it’s well worth thinking about a pop-up tent. True, you won’t be able to achieve the same amount of satisfaction from putting such a tent up than you would from a traditional type, but when you consider the time you’ll save each time you set up in a new area then pop up tents are a no-brainer.

Light the Way Smartly
If you’re going to be camping while you’re away then you’ll be spending many a night wandering around in an unfamiliar region in the dark. Most people will have the foresight to take a torch away with them — but a head torch is an even better solution.

One Gadget for Many Jobs
Space is obviously limited when you’re away on a backpacking trip, so a gadget which can be used to cover as many bases as possible while staying compact is clearly worth having. There just isn’t room to pack several different tools for every eventuality so a multi-tool is just the job. You never know which of the applications you’ll need to employ in a given situation, so this is one of the choicest items to carry along on your travels.

Beat the Rush
If you’ve ever waited patiently for a shower at an overcrowded campsite then you’ll know just how frustrating a process it can be at times. If you’d like to be able to clean up immediately then this is an essential piece of camping equipment that you need, a compact solar camping shower. These devices are wonderful additions to any backpack — while they pack away small, when in use they boast a capacity of up to 20 litres.

Add a Touch of Glass
In case you are looking for a hint of luxury during your time away then nesting glasses are a great option. Made out of hard-wearing polycarbonate, these glasses — available in traditional and champagne flute varieties — boast detachable stems, meaning they occupy almost no room when packed away. They add a classy touch to proceedings; after all, do you really want to drink your bottle of bubbly out of paper cups?