Get Religious in Amritsar’s Golden Temple

The Harmandir sahib is located in Amritsar in Punjab. This happens to be the holiest shrine in all of Sikhism. This was earlier known as the golden temple. Harmandir Sahib was a name that was given to the temple in the year two thousand and five. This place now attracts Sikhs from all parts of the world. And it has become an amazingly popular tourist destination.
Golden Temple, Punjab
There are many historical sites that have been built, however the golden temple of Amritsar is completely alive with the preservation of its fervor and sacredness. The visitors who come here are welcome to join into the experience and feel what it is to have that sort of experience. The temple building has lot of historical and architectural interest. The golden temple has a lot of spiritual meaning for the many Sikh believer and these are in fact most memorable to visitors. If you already are in a country which is colorful and vibrant then according to Former, the most tangible place that is spiritual place in the country.

Construction of this golden temple has begun in the year fifteen seventy four. This was donated by the Mughal emperor Akbar. The building project has been overseen by five Sikh gurus. And the work of this temple was completed in the year sixteen hundred and one. This temple had to be rebuilt after it was discontinued in the year seventeen sixty.

There were one hundred kilos of gold that were applied in the lotus shaped domes which have marble decoration. The gold and marble work takes place under the patronage of the big Maharaja Ranjit Singh.  The warrior kind donated a lot of money and material for this shrine and is also famously remembered with a lot of affection by the Sikh community. The Punjabi people, regardless if whether they are Sikh or not, still are a part of this concept.

Indira Gandhi was the prime minister of India in the year nineteen eighty four. The militants who holed up in the golden temple were killed by these Sikh militants. There were around five hundred people who were killed in the fire fight. The Sikhs who were around the world were outraged because this brings about the desecration of the holiest site. After four months of the attack, Gandhi was killed by her two body guards. This in turn led to a huge massacre where thousands of people actually lost their lives.

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