Best Trips in India – The Most Famous & Beautiful Places in India

Most of the travellers and tourists across the world know that India is a land of unity in diversity and that it covers large areas and regions all over. Thus, keeping the above point in mind, it becomes the quintessential travel and tourism destination for millions of visitors from all across the world and India, as well.

Many travel and tourist companies have sprung up that offer different kinds of tourism and travel packages. Most of these travel and tourism packages are reasonably rated and fit within the budget of the tourists. As India is spread over a large area and region, it is difficult to travel to all the exotic places and so even an entire lifetime would be insufficient for visiting all the important tourist and travel destinations.

Trips in India are of various types and the satisfaction derived from them also depends on the amount of time the tourists can give out of their busy work schedule. The right kind of planning and strategies adopted by the tourists along with the right time frame kept in their minds can assist them with going on some of the best trips in India.

It is something that they would cherish for the rest of their lives and not forget. It is something that would give them full satisfaction and make them happy and cheerful. At last, but not the least, it is something that they would look forward to again. There are multiple kinds of best trips that the tourists can embark on in India, but only some of them have been mentioned here.

The Bhrigu Lake Trip
Bhrigu Lake
This is one of the best trips in India where the tourists have a good time for three nights and four days. Its travel plan and program is very exciting, invigorating, stimulating and exhilarating. This trip starts with making it to Manali, relaxing and loosening up a bit to explore its scenic locations and destinations.

Before this, the travellers have a good breakfast and get ready for their trip. Their trip comprises finding out and following the gorgeous and breath-taking tracks and paths to the Hadimba Temple and walking and journeying down to the attractive plaza or shopping center. Here, they shop and spend cosy time with their mates and partners.

After having done with their shopping, they have a rollicking and tasty lunch, which is again followed by visiting Old Manali and the Manu Temple. These are so pleasing, magical and captivating that they end up meeting the needs and requirements of and striking harmony with the visitors. The evening is kept free for in and around sight-seeing and indulging in time-of activities like playing indoor and outdoor games, watching television, reading novels, etc.

With this, day one of the trip gets over. Day two of the trip begins with having breakfast, steering the wheels and travelling for eighteen kilometres to a place called Gulaba. On reaching it, the tourists are requested and administered to travel and walk along the Shepherd path for about seven kilometres, resulting in reaching the base camp.

This walk and trek are amazingly beautiful as the tourists travel through and walk past one of the most beautiful and gorgeous sky gradients, astonishingly exquisite and good-looking green grasslands and hayfields, heavy and thick woodlands and rapid water currents. They also get to explore natural beauty at its top optimum quality with budding and flourishing flower beds and green grasslands.

Their night passes inside the warm and cosy tents with cool and gentle winds touching them lightly. With this, day two of the trip gets over. Day three begins with a heavy breakfast and walking all the way to Bhrigu Lake, which is located at a height of around four thousand two hundered and fifty metres. It has an engrossing and gripping story behind it, as a result of which, it is very popular, illustrious, celebrated, notable, glorious, renowned and celebrated.

Walking along the scratchy and rocky tracks and grounds and the green leafage and foliage makes them very energetic, joyful and thrilled. They happen to meet the shephards and get to interact with them and come to know about their lifestyle and living trends. They reach the lake in the afternoon and are left impressed, fascinated and touched by the three sixty degree appearances and eyeshot of some of the most illustrious and tallest mountains of central Lahaul.

The beautiful ambience of cold and afloat clouds below them, flower hayfields and grasslands, greenery and natural beauty are enjoyed by them. Then, they move towards the base camp, which is at a spacing and aloofness of about four kilometres from there. The night is once again spent in the tents. This marks the end of day three.

Day four begins with eating heavy breakfast and walking down all the way for about eight kilometres to the hot water springs of Vasisht, which is also mentioned to be linked with the sacred Bhrigu Lake. The entire trip ends here and is something that the travellers can’t get out of their minds.

The Ladakh Trip
The Ladakh adventure tour is also considered one of the best trips in India. It is surrounded by beautiful rivers and the mighty Himalayas. The tourists coming here indulge in various sports and fulfilling adventure activities. Some of these activities include high altitude expeditions, mountain cycling, mountain biking, river rafting, tenting and rock and mountain climbing. The weather is absolutely great, pleasant and sporty during the months of June, July, August and September and is most likely to be visited by tourists from all across the globe.

Visiting the distant, outback and isolated roads, the Buddhist villages and religious residences and cloisters, the high passes and the serene and tranquil rivers are very memorable and pleasant experiences for them. The highest motorable road of the world and the famous Khardung La pass are also somewhere near these regions.

Visiting some of the highest points in Ladakh can lead to them viewing the neighboring nations like Tibet and Pakistan and also providing exciting and scenic eye shots and ranges. Following the traveller’s guide is very important for them, as this would help them in locating hot and famous tourist and travel places and destinations, and in taking all the necessary precautions. They would also get aware of the kind of weather conditions and plan as per that.

The Ayurveda Trip
Ayurveda Trip
The Ayurveda tour and travel is yet another one of the best trips in India and is getting very popular with time. A pilgrimage and religious place called Rishikesh has been selected as one of the Ayurvedic centres in India and the travel and tourism companies located there arrange such Ayurvedic tours for the tourists who come from every nook and corner of the country as well as from abroad.

This trip has two kinds of itinerary for them and suits their demands as per their availability and comfortability. The first itinerary spans across eight days and covers the cities of Agra, Rishikesh, Jaipur and Delhi. The second one also lasts for a period of eight days and spans across only two cities of Delhi and Rishikesh.

In these trips, the tourists are very well taken care of and are provided with excellent Ayurvedic client services. They are given body massages based on the methods and processes of Panchkarma, which aim at cleaning their bodies and minds and also bring about complete balance and harmony between the two. Various kinds of beneficial oils and powders are also applied on their skins and in their problematic areas.

This leads to complete purification of their minds and bodies and also removes unwanted blockages and diseases from them. Thus, they return to their homes completely refreshed and rejuvenated and fit and healthy. This entire trip gets etched in their minds forever. The Kerala Ayurvedic tour is also very interesting and relaxing and works similarly. Thus, these were some of the best trips in India, which provide adequate relaxation and fun and happy experiences to the tourists.