Dubai Night Clubs

Nightlife in Dubai is considered to be the coolest and entertaining activity for night fun lovers. The City of gold is an ideal place for young generation and teenagers to chill around with friends and siblings. As Dubai is known for its having cultural diversity, you would find variety of Dubai nightclubs with an unlimited freedom and entertainment. In addition to that you would find them more interesting and different in a sense that these modern westernized clubs are beautifully blended with pure Arabic cultural traits that makes them more appealing and amazingly different from conventional nightclubs. This unique style of clubbing makes Dubai more appealing for the nightclub lovers.

Dubai Nightlife
Dubai Nightlife
If you want to get some brief introduction about some most popular Dubai nightclubs, you are at the right place. The 360 bar is very well known club for having beautiful location along seaside. It gives 360-degree view from the Jumeirah Palm on one side round to harbor, that’s the reason it’s called ‘the 360 bar’. You can enjoy the facility of music and dance in weekends; while during weekdays you can have fun of hanging around with friends in the club and enjoy Sheesha smoking and stuff like that.

‘Agency’ is another popular bar, widely visited by foreigners as well as locals. It also called wine bar as its give a wide range of variety in wine. This Dubai nightclub has got a very spooky ambiance with dim light effects. This bar is more active in weekdays while weekends are quite dull in this wine bar. ‘Sevilles’ is a chill out bar for extreme fun lovers and dance lovers. You would find very responsive, free and relaxing atmosphere in this club.

If you are rock music lover, you would also find some rock clubs in Dubai. One of them is Rock bottom; it gives you the opportunity to enjoy live musical performance of rock bands. If you want to go for some place comparatively cheaper and reasonable, Billy blues will be the right rock club for you to enjoy without disturbing your budget. If you want more freedom and open environment then ‘Waxys’ is the place you would love. This club is in the heart of Ascot hotel and is main attraction for foreigners.

‘Dhow and Anchor’ is another nice place for clubbing. If you have money matters ‘Dhow and Anchor’ would be quite reasonable for you to join. It is very famous for having pleasant staff and other facilities. This club also offers different deals and offers to the visitor that makes it more affordable to you.

‘Zinc’, ‘the Kaz bar’ and ‘Planetarium’ are famous for Rhythm and Blues tracks. ‘Zinc’ has received many awards for the best R and B night club. You would also find a live band in Zinc. ‘400 club’ is considered to be a hot spot in Dubai for nightclub lovers. It’s also very famous for its extravagant ambiance. You would find R and B and Arabian music in this club. Some other famous Dubai nightclubs are C bar by crystals, china moon Champaign bar, club submarine, rooftop bar, sho cho and terrace.