Some Largest Malls in the World

If you want to witness the true aspect of consumerism then a visit to a mall will paint you the perfect picture. It is designed in a manner which will enable you to ease your everyday life by providing the customers everything they need under one roof. Malls are the perfect place to have fun while shopping. We bring to you a comprehensive list of various malls from all over the world which are the largest and the perfect destination if you are looking for a shopping getaway. Below is the list of some largest malls for all the hardcore shopaholics on the basis of gross Leasable area. You too can explore these stunning malls with AtlasTravel.

List of 07 Largest Shopping Malls in The World

01. Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand (3.22 million square feet)
Siam Paragon in Bangkok
It is one of the largest shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand and it not only includes a wide range of shopping stores and multiplex movie theater but food stalls and restaurants too. It also has the Siam Ocean World aquarium, opera concert hall and Thai Art Gallery too. For amusement and fun it has a karaoke centre and a large bowling alley.

02. Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (3.44 million sqft)
Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur
It is located in Kuala Lumpur; it is a twin complex which includes shopping centre and two 5 star hotels. This shopping mall has more than 1000 retail shops and out of which 65 are food outlets and several entertainment attractions like cosmos world, theme park and 2D and 3D theater. This mall is a must visit place here you can spend a whole day without a single boring minute.

03. Golden Resource Mall in Beijing, China (557,419 sq meters)
Golden Resource Mall in Beijing
This mall is situated on the Fourth Ring Road. It is known as the Great Mall of China and Jin Yuan. This is one of the amazing malls in China.

04. Istanbul Cevahir in Istanbul, Turkey (3.47 million sqft)
Istanbul Cevahir in Istanbul, Turkey
This mall was opened in 2005 and is located in the European side of Istanbul in Turkey. There are approx. 343 shops which includes 34 fast food outlets and 14 exclusive restaurants apart from this other facilities include 12 cinema halls, one bowling complex, a small roller coaster along with numerous other entertainment facilities along with a large stage for events.

05. West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Canada (3.77 million sqft)
West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Canada
This mall is located in Edmonton in Alberta Canada and it is the largest mall from 1981 to2004 but now it is currently the largest mall in America. Besides its numerous stores this mall is home to the largest and the biggest indoor amusement park in the world. It also has an 18 whole miniature golf course along with a state of the art movie theatre and a bowling alley.

06. Dubai Mall (3.77 million sqft)
Dubai Mall
This mall is a part of tallest man made structure built by humans that is Burj Khalifa, Dubai. This is one of the magnificent malls in the world. This mall is the home of approx. 1200 shops. The main attractions of the mall are 120 cafes and restaurant, game centre, ice rink, a 5 star hotel and world’s largest candy store. This mall also has one of the largest aquariums in the world. This mall is a perfect place for the brand conscious and hard core shopaholics.

07. Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya, Malaysia (396,000 sq meters)
Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya, Malaysia
You can’t afford to miss this place if you are in Subang Jaya in Malaysia. It has an enticing design of a pyramid with a lion standing at the entrance. This mall was opened in 1997 and redevelopment was done in 2007. This mall is a wonderful design of Egyptian architecture with Pharaoh statues and pseudo hieroglyphics. It has somewhere around 800 shops which you can choose for shopping and eating.