Maldives Safari Boats

For That Perfect Diving Holiday
Maldives Safari Boats
The Maldives is a perfect destination for those who love Scuba diving and want to have an amazing experience of diving into the water and want to see the world of underwater species. The boat charters of Maldives are having the capacity to bear the weight of 10-20 passengers together.  The boats are equipped with everything you need for life on board and are accompanied by a second boat, known as a Dhoni – a traditional Maldives dive boat – on which all the scuba diving equipment is stored and from where all dives begin. Having this second boat is a great advantage because it can navigate much shallower waters and get much closer to the dive sites than the actual liveaboard boat.

Maldives Boat Trip Diving
The best thing about holidaying on a safari boat in the Maldives is that it allows you to explore far more of the country and its magnificent dive sites than you would be able to if scuba diving from a resort dive centre. Because the Maldives islands cover such a large expanse of ocean, if you were tied to sleeping in one place, and had to return there every night by boat, the amount of time you would be able to spend actually scuba diving would be far more limited and the experience would likely be much more expensive. Maldives boat trip dive trips on a liveaboard tend to be surprisingly affordable, especially if you are not opting for one of the more high-end liveaboard boats.

Maldives Safari Boats
There is an incredible variety of Maldives safari boats on offer when looking to book your Maldives diving holiday, and you will find one to suit every taste and budget. Possibly the most exciting liveaboard dive boat in the Maldives is Theia.

Theia is a brand new dive safari boat in the Maldives that was launched in 2010 and has been causing a lot of excitement. Offering stylish travel, Theia has accommodation for up to 16 people through 6 cabins and 2 suites, each with en-suite, hot water bathrooms and a stylish Asian décor. The suites located on the upper deck go that one step further, as they are equipped with flat-screen televisions and private balconies, giving guests a touch more privacy.

Other destinations for a sophisticated Maldives boat holiday are the liveaboards Island Safari 2 Royal, Dream Catcher II and MV Orion. Just like Theia, MV Orion was first launched in 2010 and is reminiscent of the private Superyachts seen cruising the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Described by one diver as “business class scuba diving”, the 130-feet MV Orion houses special features including a private outdoor Jacuzzi on the deck of the master suite, stunning lounge areas and immaculate interior design throughout.

Naturally, dive holidays aboard MV Orion, Theia, Dream Catcher II and Island Safari 2 Royal come at a premium, with a night’s accommodation costing around USD $200 on each of the boats, which includes all meals and dives. Now, if you compare this with the price of accommodation in one of the Maldives’ most luxurious resorts and then factor in the cost of diving from a resort dive centre, you will actually find that luxury Maldives boat diving is surprisingly affordable.

Furthermore, Maldives diving holidays can be even more economical if you choose one of the many other boats on offer. There is a wide range of Maldivian boats that offer liveaboard diving holidays at a more competitive price, from as little as USD $165 per night. Some of the best choices in this price range include Stingray, Black Pearl and Nautilus One and Nautilus Two. All of these offer a variety of cruises throughout the year which include all dives, meals and accommodation.

If you’re looking for more of a feeling of adventure on your diving holidays in the Maldives and have a minimum of 60 dives in your logbook, Nautilus Two is a great option. This traditional Maldivian-style vessel is kitted out with everything you could need for a comfortable diving adventure. The boat is constructed completely out of wood and has 12 cabins – each air-conditioned and with a private bathroom. Nautilus Two also features an outdoor Jacuzzi on one of the decks for use by all the guests and hammocks are strung out in the shade for whiling away your surface intervals in peace.

Maldives Safari Boat Information
Now you know there are plenty of Maldives liveaboard dive boats to choose from, there are a few more snippets of information you’ll need to know before you’re ready to start finding the right boat for you and looking into booking some Maldives boat trips. It’s important to understand that the prices for liveaboard holidays do not include flights from your home country to the Maldives, but do tend to include transfers from the airport to the Maldives holiday boat. Likewise, while the boats are typically equipped with a complete bar, alcoholic drinks are not included in the packages and so are charged separately at the end of your trip.

As most experienced scuba divers tend to have their own scuba equipment and prefer not to hire, the prices do not include scuba equipment rental, although this can easily be organized at the time of reserving your Maldives boat safari. Some of the Maldives safari boat operators offer scuba certification courses if you are not yet a certified diver, while others will require that you are already a certified diver. Be sure to indicate your experience level when arranging your Maldives boat holiday. It’s also good to bear in mind that the Maldives is home to some strong currents and some of the dives are in deep water, so it’s really an ideal destination for an advanced diver, although that’s not to say there are no dive spots suitable for beginners.