Five Solid Reasons to Visit in Phuket, Thailand

You are in a gap year, need some time to build a newer and better perspective or just need to escape the hustle, you can always have an excuse to travel. The world is a big place come together and smaller by globalization and so you have numerous choices when it comes to travel destinations, but there are some places that will always stand out from the rest. Thailand is also a very natural place to be in, it has great natural secrets and mind-blowing beaches.  The biggest island in Thailand; Phuket, is one of the places you should not miss in Thailand. Phuket has beaches unlike the crowded European or American beaches and also it is a total change of culture which gives you that individual zone to get the most out of traveling and be batshit crazy if you please. Today we are looking at 5 solid reasons to visit Phuket but before that let’s talk a little about hotels in Phuket. The place has some great hotels and to find the best deals search the deals with us; the best website for hotel deals.

If you have already selected your website for where you can get the information of best hotels in Phuket perhaps you should get a message on why only PHUKET, despite you have so many other places to go. Well, here are some solid.

5 Reasons as why you should at least visit in Phuket

01. Beaches:
Beaches in Phuket
There are around 15 beaches in Phuket which can be a mind luring set of nature. You can actually cruise down on these coastal areas and spend some quality time with your people. If you are from landlocked nation like Nepal, perhaps you will find them more interesting and fascinating.

02. Temples:
Wat Chalong in Phuket
What makes it more beautiful is its culture. The location is more devote to Buddhism and so you can find several Buddhist Temples to attract with their peaceful music and culture. There are some finely crafted temples which carry on the history and culture of some five hundred years or beyond. Although there are several temples and they are all very beautiful you should perhaps never miss the Wat Chalong. It is one of the best Buddhist temples with finest art and culture reflection.

03. Cuisine:
Cuisine in Phuket
Where else can you find peace other than sitting on the beach looking at those cool calm oceans and taking taste of some fresh –caught seafood to the local herbs as well as the homemade noodles that make Phuket popular? But still if you get to Phuket, you should try that seafood.

04. Sunsets:
Sunsets in Phuket
Who wouldn’t love to see sunset. Tourist guide say that most tourists get so much attracted with the sunset of Phuket they want to extend their stay just for it. Perhaps this is the best scene you can see here.

05. Nightlife:
Nightlife in Phuket
The evening sunset and the market make it quite popular. The night is not sleepy here. The nightlife is rather lively. It doesn’t have loud music parties on the night but the soothing music and night market makes it’s nightlife rather impressive. The Patong beach which is on the western side of the Phuket is popular for its notorious nightlife.

Now what more you need, you know what to visit and you can know about the best websites for hotel deals. Best of luck with your new tour.