Top 10 Tourist Destinations for a First Holiday Abroad

We all dream to visit a foreign location at some point in time. Traveling to a foreign land for the first time can be a bit intimidating and at the same time exciting. Visiting a place that is far away from your home can be so much fun. If you are in a fix which country will make your ideal choice, then here you go.

01. Sydney, Australia:
Safe, walkable streets, gorgeous coastline, excellent transportation and the year-round pleasant weather is what makes it an ideal tourist destination. The Sydney Opera House is a key attraction here and also is the Harbor Bridge and the Bondi Beach.

02. Yucatan, Mexico:
Peninsula De Yucatan, Mexico
This place is replete with beautiful tourist attractions including beautiful colonial cities, archaeological sites, parks, reserves and much more. No matter you are with your better half, your family or traveling solo this will be an ideal place for you. The food here is just excellent and to die for.

03. Lucerne, Switzerland:
The Nine Musegg Towers - Lucerne, Switzerland
This is a dream destination for many. And why not this country is blessed with serene landscapes, sparkling turquoise lakes, green valleys and picturesque villages. The Swiss Chocolate and Cuisines will make you ask for more. This country is also popular for its scenic train ride.

04. Wales, UK:
Wales, UK
You can also visit Wales, a country that has something for all. Ancient history, stunning scenery, male voice choirs, beautiful national parks, gorgeous beaches to valleys your visit to this country will be an unforgettable one.

05. Bali, Indonesia:
Bali, Indonesia
Bali is a beautiful country par excellence. What makes it a must visit is that it will cater to all levels of adventure and every budget. The locals here are warm and hospitable and will welcome you wholeheartedly. It is here where you will get the perfect taste of Asia within the comforts of home. If you are a food lover and also a shopaholic, Bali will never disappoint you.

06. South Africa:
South Africa
If you are an adventure lover and fond of exciting activities such as horse riding, this is the place for you. You can go for a horse safari or horse ride in the Drakensberg. To know more about horse riding, visit TVG. Besides, this country is also popular for its urban beaches, superb wildlife, exclusive cuisine, family and child-friendly setting, ancient history and more.

07. Netherlands:
Although it is a small country but has enough to offer. You can explore the city on a bike, party until dawn, enjoy fabulous food or spend some time beside the breath-taking beaches. The sight of the tulips and windmills is worth capturing.

08. Costa Rica:
Costa Rica
If you are an adventure junkie, Costa Rica will not let you down. Here you can admire and capture the unreal nature, explore the hiking routes or try zip lining in a jungle. This is no dearth of fun activities here. Also, do not miss out their lip-smacking international cuisine.

09. Dublin, Ireland:
Dublin, Ireland
The best part about this country is that English is its main language which means communication will be easy and there is no language barrier. It is safe and friendly and is an ideal place for people of every background and age. Some must-see places here include the old-world libraries, parks, revolutionary history, museums, to name a few.

10. Greece:
Greece is a fantastic tourist destination all year round, and a significant credit for this goes to its perfect climatic conditions. This country has a vivid nightlife, and the local cuisines are an ideal masterpiece of traditional and healthy. Greece is an abode of marvelous monuments, crystal clear pristine beaches, lush forest and rugged mountains. Outdoor activity aficionados this is the place for you. Beware, Greece can indeed be addictive which means you are sure to make a comeback soon.

So, which foreign country are you planning to visit?

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