Waterfalls in Tamilnadu – Falling Paradises from Distant Hills

Enchanting Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu

Tamilnadu, a South Indian state is a house to beautiful destinations. Tamilnadu is not only a place with ancient temples, exciting hill stations and wildlife parks, but houses at least half a dozen waterfalls. To the north west of the state lies Hogenakkal, a chain of waterfalls feeding a wild stream. And to the Deep South lies the world-famous chain of Courtallam. In between and beyond, lie several other beautiful falls including Agasthiyar, Thirparappu and Kumbakkarai.

If you are willing to tour South India, it is not at all a bad idea to dedicate about three days to visit waterfalls across Tamil Nadu. You could plan your itinerary in such a way that you not only miss these waterfalls but visit other places of tourist importance as well.

Hogenakkal Chain of Falls, Smoky Niagara of India
Hogenakkal Falls
Exciting Coracle Ride Followed By Roasted Fist

Hogenakkal is a majestic chain of waterfalls to the northwest of Tamil Nadu near the border of Karnataka. The place has a rocky landscape which gives rise to a kind of smoke (effect caused by water sprinkled into air) when water hits the rocks. In local language, Hogenakkal means smoke emanating from rocks.

This place is a well-known tourist spot in the South India. A must do thing for tourists here is to take up a coracle ride down the wild stream bordered on both sides by rocks intersected by many small waterfalls. The level of adventure depends upon the level of risk you are willing to take and level of confidence the boatman has in you. This is because of the heterogeneous nature of the stream with different levels of calmness of water at different places. Only upon your willingness, the boatmen would take you through some of the dangerously adventurous parts of the stream. For example, he could take you underneath a fall but would stop at just enough distance so that you will be spared by wild mother nature.

It is not uncommon to feel tired after a wild coracle ride. To soothe you from inside out, there are shops selling delicious roasted fish.

Though Hogenakkal is in the state of Tamil Nadu, it is easily reachable from Bangalore airport of Karnataka state. The place is at about 150 Kms from Bangalore international airport.

Courtallam, Natural Spa Amidst Hillocks

Enjoy De-Stressing Bath Deep South Amidst Greenish Hillocks

Ancient civilizations both in Egypt or India, had one thing in common. Almost every city had a large common public bath place. There are remains even today. But on the other hand there are very few places like Courtallam which don’t need a mammoth construction to be termed a great bath. Called Natural Spa, this place does immense credit to its name. With over half a dozen falls scattered throughout the town that is surrounded by hillocks, Courtallam is a definite place to enjoy a deeply relaxing bath.

Similar to Hogenakkal, this place has a chain of waterfalls. But unlike Hogenakkal, Courtallam doesn’t feature a wild stream but a calm one that is harmless. Hence, this place might not be as adventurous as Hogenakkal but is an ultimate destination to relax inside out.

Prominent falls in Courtallam include Shenbaga Devi, Main falls, Old Kutralam falls, Thenaruvi and AIndharuvi. Every waterfall is little far away from each other which requires you to drive back and forth. Without a local tourist guide or a swift navigational mind, you could be in trouble in finding routes.

Though every fall has its own specialty, Aintharuvi requires a special mentioning. It is a group of five falls adjacent to each other. In fact, Aintharuvi means five falls in Tamil. The proximity of this place to the local bus station makes it a crowded place for most of the year. But still it’s a good place to visit and enjoy.

The waterfall named ‘Main falls’ at the middle of the town is very popular. It is a gigantic one with water falling from above 50 feet.

For those who love to lead a peaceful and pure life then honey falls or Thenaruvi is for them. However, it is quite difficult to access this place due to which apart from its mesmerizing beauty the place is less crowded. Access is not by distance but by difficulty in getting there. Yes, you have to trek few kilometers before reaching this spot. The sight and feel of this waterfall is a wonderful reward for your hard trekking.

Courtallam is situated at about 200Kms from Madurai Airport. But this is a domestic airport. Alternatively, you could reach Courtallam from Trivandrum international airport.

Thirparappu Waterfalls, 7-month rainfall from rocks
Thirparappu Waterfalls
The mesmerizing flow of water on God’s own country’s border

If you are interested in touring South India, there is least probability that you have not heard about Kerala (called God’s own country for its unbelievable natural resources). Tamil Nadu state shares border with Kerala. Located at border slightly into Tamil Nadu’s side is Thirparappu waterfalls.

Road to Thirparappu falls from Nagercoil of Tamilnadu is to be enjoyed in same proportion as that of the waterfall itself. Greenfields on either side of the road intercepted by small towns is a journey that will be remembered and recollected by you even after years. Assuring you of a nostalgic feel, the road takes you to the falls with water flowing seamlessly like a glittering white sheet.

Unlike Hogenakkal and Courtallam, this is not a waterfall chain but alone and beautiful waterfall falling from a flat-topped rock. The height is about 50 feet. This is a seasonal waterfall with good flow of water for at least 7 months in a year.

Though the place is famous for its waterfall, the true highlight is the beautiful downstream with paddy fields on both sides. You may or may not visit the falls, but not taking time to walk along the stream or through the fields is a great miss.