Top Winter Travel Destinations That Aren’t As Cold As You Imagine

What’s the perfect way of ending a long and exhausting year? Quite simple, going for a winter vacation! It’s a great opportunity of spending some quality with your family, without having to fret about your personal and professional life.

But when it comes to choosing a destination for a winter trip, most people are quite baffled as to which place to pick, given the fact that many places have extreme climates which somewhat detracts from the delight of the vacation. So if you are investing a considerable amount of time and money in preparing for the trip, you wouldn’t settle for anything less that “fantastic”.

So, to help you in this regard, here are some top destinations for your winter vacation with pleasantly warm climates:

01. Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Costa Rica is indeed an ideal place for a winter vacation. It has everything you would expect from a top travel point, from awesome white sand beaches to sundry wildlife to lively rainforests. This is perfect for travelers seeking adventure and action. The best thing about this place is that it offers a pleasantly warm and dry climate during the winter. So, if you don’t like frigid climates, Costa Rica is the place to go!

02. Cambodia
Cambodia too (like the previous place) has a fairly dry winter season and therefore, is an ideal travel destination. Intriguingly, the factor that makes this place even more worthwhile is its “ancient significance”. The land of Cambodia is home to a number of ancient temples (built during the 9th and 13th century). So, if you happen to be someone with an interest in ancient buildings, then Cambodia has some captivating things in store for you.

03. Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is a beautiful and exhilarating city situated in Argentina. One of the reasons why it’s so exhilarating is because of its “Tango craze”. You’ll find a number of tango halls offering an incredible amount of action and excitement. Moreover, if you have always had the desire to learn tango, then visiting Buenos Aires will not only turn out to be a thrilling vacation, but also a great learning experience.

04. Bonaire
This may just seem like another small island the Southern Caribbean, but is doesn’t mean that it’s not worth visiting. As a matter of fact, Bonaire is one of the top destinations for diving in the entire world. If that doesn’t sound convincing, nothing will! Along with an awesome beach and a diversity of marine species, this island is also known for its warm and sunny weather (all year round). So, if you’re a beach lover, Bonaire is definitely worth considering.

05. Mexico
Mexico is another place which makes a fantastic winter destination, courtesy its impeccable weather. This place features a number of beautiful resorts with a wide price range. So this is a great option as far as affordability is concerned. Moreover, you will also get to see an abundance of beauty spas in Mexico, offering unique treatments like detox herbal wrap. A relaxing spa treatment under the sun sounds like a superb idea, doesn’t it?

These are some of the top winter travel destinations that aren’t as cold as you imagine. Plus, you can get the best bang for your buck if you visit these instead of some of the more conventional travel destinations!