Honeymoon Destinations in September: Travel Tips and Guides

September is an increasingly popular month in which couples get married and it is also a great time of year to choose September honeymoon destinations if you’re looking for one. First, read about these beautiful places that are known to be the best honeymoon destinations in September before you buy a ticket for you and your spouse. Learn about it below.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in September: Asia, Europe, America
Europe during September gives you favourable climate. Europe gives you so many honeymoon destinations in September to choose from as many European countries offer you much sunshine and warm temperatures that are ideal for travelling. Croatia is one European country that you should consider. Croatia offers you pleasant Mediterranean climate along its Adriatic coastline. While Greece promises you to be more attractive during this month especially if you visit the towns and inland. And Portugal during September is still experiencing warm temperatures and gives off pleasant sunshine that enables visitors to explore the entire country. Overall, Europe does offers you some of the best holiday destinations in September, and it also offers you cheap price as the majority of European holiday makers have gone back to work and September is not a peak season of tourist arrivals.
Honeymoon Destinations in September
Monsoon period in Asia is coming to an end, but September is still not the best time to visit this part of the world. However, if you have planned a vacation in Asia, there are still some countries that you could still go to. China can be one since it is big enough that there are still regions that are very pleasant at this time of the year. The north-east of China for example, is very attractive in autumn. While the south should be avoided for typhoons can sometimes make appearances. Indonesia is also another option if you are still considering Asia. Indonesia at this time of the year is drying with plentiful of sunshine.

Situated in the African continent, Zimbabwe is in the middle of experiencing dry months which offer you the ideal and pleasant temperature conditions which average around 27o C during the day with relatively cooler nights best for relaxation. The countryside gives you magnificent views and the wildlife ever-present is assured to awe and fascinate nature lovers. Namibia in September is in its winter period therefore dry and sunny. September in Namibia is the peak season for tourist. September is always a great opportunity to visit northern Africa where the temperatures are hot, but not too hot that it can still give tourists that lovely light.

In America, it is a great time to visit destinations in Northern America. Honeymoon destinations in September in this part of the world include places such as Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. Visiting the USA during September is the best time for you, as you avoid the summer heat waves and winter chills and the crowds that these places have during the summer.

These are the list of the best honeymoon destinations in September, but there are also places that you need to avoid during this month of the year as these areas are susceptible to hurricanes. These are the Caribbean, Central America and Asia.

So after this review, we recommend that the best holiday destination in September is Turkey and Crete. These two are recommended because they are excellent destination choice in Europe as Europe in September offers tourist great climate and temperature. These two are warm and pleasant and at the end of their summer season. But if you want to visit Africa and that part of the world, Namibia can be a good option for you. Namibia is warmed by an endless sun accompanied by its splendid views. You can marvel Namibia’s nature and culture with much enjoyment and amazement which definitely gives you satisfaction for every penny you spent.

Packing Tips for Your Honeymoon Vacation
You might be full of excitement while you prepare for your September honeymoon destination. But you should always prepare everything that you need so that you can savor the time you have bonding with your spouse. So, before you pack your things up, here are some tips in packing to keep your things organized and ready.

Always bring extra clothing since you are going to explore and travel so many local attractions and there are some activities that might come as unanticipated. Next is packing for climate changes. You might not know if sudden climate change might happen, so it is still advisable that you are prepared during your September honeymoon destination for unprecedented climate change. You might also consider bringing extra luggage. Just always make sure that this luggage is not hard to carry while you’re travelling. And don’t forget your travel cards which you can get from your travel agents. Travelcards are very practical to use as they come in handy and easy to use instead of spending money using your personal account.

Getting a Travel Insurance
Honeymoon packages definitely make you spend some extra cash in considering your wedding budget. There’s no better way to protect the money spent on a honeymoon than with honeymoon travel insurance. Travel insurance is a great option if you and your spouse are going to a tropical destination that is prone to bad weather changes.

To get honeymoon travel insurance, understand that the travel insurance costs between 5 to 7 percent of the total price trip. Ask at least 2 travel professionals or online sources what their honeymoon travel insurance plan covers. A flexible plan is the most desirable. Ask if the policy covers travel supplier bankruptcy, trip cancellation or interruption, accidents that might prevent travel, missed airline connections, travel or baggage delays or emergency assistance. And before you select a carrier, compare the insurance prices of the travel insurance companies that you’ve looked up.

And lastly, select a honeymoon travel insurance carrier based on policy coverage and price. Purchase the policy and maintain a copy at home. Consider the advantages of carrying a copy of the policy to the honeymoon destination.