Best Season to Travel in Kashmir

Kashmir, the paradise of earth is the most visit-able tourist spots for people from all across the nation plus the globe. The mesmerizing mountainous terrain with snowcapped peaks, undulating plains carpeted with soft grass covers, forests of pines and conifers, gurgling rivulets, the Dal lake, the houseboats, the Shikharas, the apple orchards all give Kashmir a unique charm indeed. If you wish to gather info on the best time to visit Kashmir, just read on.

Jammu and Kashmir has been aptly called heaven on earth. Its majestic beauty has drawn hundreds of tourists from India as well as abroad every season. However due to its positioning in the Northern climes of India and its recent climate of political unrest has led many tourists to question themselves about the most suitable time to visit this beautiful state. The problem is that Kashmir has a different kind of beauty every season and choosing the best season to visit it is akin to choosing between roses and orchids; all seasons are beautiful and it entirely depends upon your preferences and convenience.


Winter in Kashmir
Months: December to February
Temperature: 5 degrees to 8 degrees
The minimum temperature in Jammu reaches 4 degrees centigrade during the chilly winters. There is also a lot of snow fall around the upper climes of Kashmir. Srinagar which is the summer hotspot for tourists becomes extremely cold. The pristine white beauty of the landscape gives birth to a different kind of experience altogether.

Gulmarg and its surrounding areas are perfect for a visit in the winters. Snow sports like skiing, paragliding, snow skating and zorbing happens in the pristine valleys of Gulmarg. If you are interested in sports then Kashmir is best visited in winters. Early winters is a good time to visit if you want to experience the apple picking season in certain sections of Kashmir.

Winter flowers like rhodendrons are in full bloom and can be seen peeping out from under the snow. Wild duck shooting season popular since the British Raj is also on during the winters.


Spring in Kashmir
Months: February to April
Temperature: 5 degrees to 10 degrees
Spring is heaven in Kashmir; every variety of fruit blossom like apples, almonds, cherries, apricots, plums, pears and peaches weigh down the trees. If you have never seen an apple blossom filled tree in Kashmir then you have not seen one of the prettiest vistas nature has to offer.

Flowers like roses, carnations, button daisies, rhododendrons, thyme and edelweiss fill up the meadows making the air fragrant and fresh.

Lohri which is celebrated in winters in the rest of the country is held in spring in Kashmir. The beautiful people of Kashmir dress up in their best clothes and visit the various parts of the Valley. Bonfires are lit and the people of Kashmir indulge in singing, dancing and festivities. If you want to experience the true beauty of nature then spring is the best time to visit. However make sure you book your tickets well in advance.


Months: April to June
Temperature: 8 degrees to 18 degrees
Fruits have finally ripened in Kashmir during summers and the blossoms of spring have matured. You will see tiny orchards all over the state brimming over with rich produce of strawberry, apricot, peach and cherry. Fruit picking (also open to interested tourists) is on. This is also the season when the flaming orange saffron is harvested and you will see entire miles of tiered saffron fields being harvested by Kashmiri women. Kashmir is at its most temperate in the summers and if you are not too fond of cold temperatures then its best to visit Kashmir in summers. Zorbing and Pony riding are the major attractions of summers in Kashmir along with trout fishing.

Make sure that your tickets are booked well in advance as maximum tourist traffic happens in summers. Tourists who are interested in Amaranth Yatra also visit during this time.


Months: June to September
Temperature: 8 degrees to 18 degrees
Though the light rains against the lush hilly backdrop and the flower-filled meadows does make it a lovely sight; Kashmir is best avoided in the monsoons. Some areas become slippery and treacherous and there is a chance of falling and hurting yourself. Landslides and water logging are also common during this time.

Kashmir in Monsoons is only for the young and adventurous.


Autumn in Kashmir
Months: October and November
Temperature: 6 degrees to 10 degrees
Kashmir is a photographer’s paradise in autumn. You will scarcely be able to stop clicking photos if you visit Kashmir in the autumn. Chinnar leaves shed their golden leaves and the roads and pathways takes on amazing red, golden and fire orange colors. Agricultural fest is organized in Parampore in Kashmir which is very famous. This is also the season for handicraft fairs and festivals in Kashmir as well as the jam and the jelly making season. Don’t leave Kashmir till you have purchased some Kashmiri stitch shawls and delicious cherry and apricot jam.