5 Romantic and Inexpensive Honeymoon Ideas

It may feel like all your friends and relatives have had the most exotic honeymoons, but not everyone has the disposable cash to throw away. You should not let this get you down as there are many fantastic and inexpensive honeymoon ideas which won’t break the bank, or eat into your wedding budget.
Inexpensive Honeymoon Ideas
Last Minute Honeymoon

A very romantic idea can be simply surfing online for cheap holidays and rooms on the very day you decide you wish your honeymoon to start. This is a great idea for spontaneous couples, and perhaps experienced travelers. Spontaneity can be extremely romantic, and the excitement of not being sure of where you are going is often appealing to adventurous couples. You can save hundreds by waiting for last minute deals, and by telling everyone it is your honeymoon you may even get a few extra treats thrown into the deal.

Plan Well In Advance

The opposite of this is to plan well in advance and arrange your romantic trip to fall in the off peak season. It is quite remarkable how much transport companies will charge when all the school vacations are taking place. Try to aim for quite times, and get the same holiday for less.

Money Donations

A great idea if you have already set up home together and don’t need the usual home making presents is money donations. By choosing the registry option your guests can donate money for your honeymoon or pay for specific parts of your special break. This could be a bottle of champagne, a relaxing massage for two or a romantic meal, right up to paying for the room.

Bed And Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts are often a lot cheaper option than staying in a hotel. You could choose to stay at a few or stick to one B&B. These are often located in areas of beauty and the homes can be friendlier and often quirky.

You will be given your breakfast – if you can make it down to the dining room on time. The downside of this is that it is required that you vacate the room for a large portion of the day. However, if you find a gorgeous location you can have plenty of time exploring and relaxing together.

Honeymoon At Home

For those of you who have no spare cash you can always simple have your honeymoon at home. Take the phone off the hook, refuse to answer the door and spoil each other. Fill up the cupboards with your favorite foods and treats and put plenty of champagne on ice. You can order take outs so no one has to cook, or take it in turns to make something special for each other.

If you are in love then the location of your honeymoon should not be too important to you. You can be creative and search online for great cheap deals, or last minute bookings, or simply spoil each other in your marital home. As long as you are together and have the chance to spend some time celebrating your unison, and relaxing after the big day, then nothing else matters.