Dubai Life: Is it for You?

Dubai Like No Other
Dubai Lifestyle
World-class building architectures. Open City in a Muslim Country. Business Hub. Luxurious villas and cars. Great electronic and Fashion finds and so much more is what attracts lots of people from around the world to visit Dubai, one of seven of the United Arab Emirates. A city that never sleeps and is actually more alive in night rather than in daytime. A city that develops continuously and give the world spectacular man-made wonders that can put anyone in awe.

But Is This The Life For You?
Be sure to know all about it before you take the big leap that may change you and the lives surrounding you. May this be a helpful guide for those who want to live the Emirati (UAE local) life.

Finding The Right Job
Dubai is considered a business hub offering various working opportunities for professionals and non-professionals alike. In a country where experience and expertise is being valued more than scholastic degrees, it takes time, patience and perseverance to hit the job you’ve been wanting.

There’s a huge percentage of professionals accepting a job that either pays a little than what they deserve or placed in a role they don’t want to become.

Chances are, you won’t be happy and end up grumbling all throughout. But this is not the case all the time. There are others who have fallen in this category once, and worked their way towards their dream job, after all, it pays to know other stuff in depth and the company always appreciates talent and multi-tasking.

So to avoid becoming a relenting employee, be sure of what you want in terms of role, position and even salary right before you face that interview.

Finding The Right Accommodation
Residences in Dubai varies in type and it all depends on your budget and style of living. Can you afford a 3 bedroom villa in a quiet community? How about a studio-type apartment in a high-rise building? Can you live with different people in one flat? Or you can’t stand sharing a room with another?

All these and more are the things you have to consider when scouting for a place to live. While finance will be a main thing in consideration, your comfort and safety should not fall behind. If you’re a new settler and have relatives or friends living in the city and they are willing to take you in their place, I would suggest you to go for it until you are fully ready to be on your own. If not, you can always ask for their recommendations as it could be very helpful before you hand down that 6 months or 1-year check rent payment to the agent.

It’s a new destination for you and it is best that you will feel happy and content living the life you deserve!

Means of Transportation
Like any well-developed country, Dubai offers a variety of means of public transport. The most popular among which are the double-deck buses, wherein the first deck will be occupied by women and males will be on the second deck. But if you want to avoid slow traffic especially during rush hours, then the Dubai metro is for you. It even has a cabin (Gold card required) that will give you a panoramic view of the city. Taxis are also available and there are the “Pink taxi” with lady chauffer’s to specifically cater to female passengers.

On the other hand, owning a private vehicle in Dubai through bank approval is as easy as 1-2-3. Aside from there is no tax payable, petroleum is at its best lowest prices. So if you’re planning to live an hour or so away from your workplace, then having a car is highly recommended.

Cost of Living
Name it, Dubai has it. From cheap quality finds to luxury items, all these are being offered to residents and tourists. There are man-made wonders existing around the emirate that attracts people to visit and spend. They even host the largest shopping malls and water parks that is tempting enough to enjoy leisurely.

Cost of living in this country is enormously high. But it always helps to be a little cautious with your purchases. Cash is not an issue as credit cards are widely used to sustain the spending need. Enjoy now, pay later is the common trend of living for most residents. Just be sure that the amount you spend can be covered by your payments periodically so as not to suffer being drowned in debts.

Customs and Traditions
Dubai is an open city. Non-Muslim females are not required to wear Abbaya (loose black clothing worn by Muslim females) and Hijab (cloth used to cover their hair). Fashion is widely embraced and anyone can wear all types of clothing provided it’s not offensive to other Muslims and is worn appropriately at all times (For example, females are not allowed to wear revealing clothes during the observation of Ramadan).

Females in this country are also allowed to drive, and they even are allowed to mingle with the opposite gender publicly, again of course, in an appropriate manner.

But in spite of all these, like any other Muslim countries, Dubai still highly values their traditions and beliefs. Being foreign in it, one should be able to show the maximum amount of respect, if not follow.

Work with Pleasure
I know you want to achieve stability and even your dream promotion at the shortest possible time, who doesn’t?

But more work does not necessarily mean more pay. It helps knowing how to socialize and give yourself a reward for job well done.

Try the open beaches along Jumeirah with spectacular views and where you will even find different communities bonding during weekends. You can join your peers or just sit back while you enjoy your favorite book. You can drive to Palm Jumeirah, visit Atlantis, or simply scout on the luxurious villas while dreaming that one day, you can have one too! Also, window shopping is not a crime and you can do so in Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates (two of the world’s largest shopping centers),

You are living in a beautiful city, so go out and explore! You don’t need to spend to appreciate the greatness that surrounds you. Work, yes. But don’t forget to enjoy.

So, Is Dubai for you?
Before making your decision, it always pays to be well-versed with your plans. Don’t hesitate to adjust it when you think you’re not ready. Proper research and advices from people who have been in UAE can be your best support in order to achieve, survive and sustain the demanding yet rewarding life that awaits you in this big city.

Always remember to follow your instincts, and don’t get lost along the way–stay true to your dreams.