Awesome Christmas Holiday Destinations in India

When Christmas arrives, there’s a spirit of carnival and merriment all around. It is as it were, the blessings of the Holy Spirit descends on to the earth with full fervor, giving everyone immense positivity and a heart to enjoy to the fullest. As bells jingle, Santa Clause brings you gifts, you too perhaps plan for some exciting ways to celebrate your Christmas. There are some fabulous places in our country which you might visit to make your Christmas vacation special. Read on to learn more:

Hope you have been a good boy/girl the whole year as Christmas is around the corner and is time for good old Santa to visit!!! Though India doesn’t embrace Christmas fervor as heartily as the western countries do there are still a few places in India which celebrate Christmas with a lot of love and gaiety. So even if you do not have plans of going abroad to celebrate Christmas there are quite a few places here where you can go to have a blast. These are the top ten places in India which add their unique flavor to Christmas with their own customs and traditions.

Gorgeous Goa
Christmas in Goa
Goa is a hotspot for Christmas celebration in India and it can easily be named as the best destination in India for amazing Christmas parties. There is a big chunk of Roman Catholic Christians residing in India and Goa also has a rich history of Portuguese rule. There are some amazingly beautiful churches in Goa which are full of the Christmas spirit celebrated in the old fashioned way; should you want to listen to Christmas carols and attend mass. Goa is the party capital of India and during the Advent season, the Christmas gaiety is evident in the tiniest nooks and corners of Goa. The whole city is brilliantly decorated with colorful twinkling lights, poinsettia and orchid blooms and candles of all shapes and sizes. Don’t forget to attend the Christmas mass if you are there in Goa in the festive season. There are several restaurants and small cafes and even beach shacks (centered around Anjuna and Candolim) which serve delicious lunches and Christmas brunches.

Magnificent Kerala
Christmas in Kerala
Kerala is also home to a lot of Christians and Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. The God’s own Country is filled with several antique churches that are architectural marvels in themselves. There is more focus in Kerala on the spirit of Christmas and the religious lore that accompanies it. The nativity of the festival is represented through dazzling miniature models present in various shops and homes of residents. You will see the shining Christmas stars outside each home in Kerala and each street is decorated with twinkling Christmas lights. The spirit of Christmas is subtle in Kerala and wafts in through the sounds of soulful hymns sung in homes and churches and the faint aroma of pancakes cooking in every home. The flavor of Christmas in Kerala is best experienced on a personal visit.

Contemporary Mumbai
Celebrating Christmas in Mumbai
Mumbai presents a wide platter of experiences for the discerning Christmas visitor. On one hand there are famous churches like Mount Mary Basilica, St Andrew Church, St Michael’s Church, Wodehouse Church, St Peter Church etc where hundreds of people swarm in to experience the true spirit of Christmas. On the other hand there are happening Christmas parties at some of the best hotels and pubs. The discotheques and nightclubs of Mumbai buzz to the tune of unending revelry and the season of drinking and dancing is at its peak. The bakeries in Mumbai serve up some of the most delicious cakes, pies and puddings around Christmas time and if you are a foodie then a visit to Mumbai during Christmas is a must for you.

Fun Filled Manali
Manali X'mas Celebrations
The best place in India for a dazzling white Christmas is Manali. A visit to Manali will give you a feeling akin to the one experienced when you visit the European countries. There is usually a lot of snowfall around Christmas so the beautiful landscape of Manali will be covered all over with dazzling white snow. Skiing, snowballing, Paragliding, skating and many other types of winter sports are played in full force. This is also the peak tourist season in Manali and there are many tourists who come here specially to experience the Christmas culture and snowflake drizzle here. Delectable Christmas turkey and treacle pudding are available in many restaurants in Manali.

Dazzling Daman and Diu
Beaches of Daman Diu
There is a strong Portuguese connection in Daman and Diu which makes Christmas here a special affair. Located as this place is in the western coast of Gujarat the quiet Daman and Diu become colorful cultural hotspots around Christmas time. Some of the finest dance and music shows are organized between 20th December to 1st January and some rare forms of Portuguese dance like Corridinho are showcased in the dance festival. Daman is famous for its vibrantly colored paper lamps which are lit to brighten up the nightscape in Daman during Christmas time.

Pretty Pondicherry
pondicherry christmas celebration
There is a lot of French colonial influence in Pondicherry which gives this place a distinctly French feel, especially at Christmas. The weather in Pondicherry is very pleasant in winter and this is a good family spot for a hearty traditional Christmas. Basilica Sacred Jesus Church and Eglise de Notre Dame Anges are two of the many fantastic churches in Pondicherry which celebrate Christmas with a lot of spirit and gaiety. This is a great chance for you to sample some great French food as Pondicherry has lots of restaurants and cafes run by descendants of French immigrants.

Joyous Kolkata
Christmas in Kolkata
Aptly named as the city of joy, Kolkata is a city which encourages its citizens to partake in Christmas revelry notwithstanding their religion, caste and creed. Kolkata takes on a cheery red hue during Christmas as hundreds of people throng the famous Park Street in Kolkata shaking hands and spreading the Christmas revelry. People of other communities also participate in the Christmas mass giving impetus to the feeling of well-being and felicity. The best part about Christmas in the city of Joy is that there are heavy discounts offered in the bazaars so yo, as well as mouthwatering food stalls all around the city, zing light and sound shows as well as mouthwatering food stalls all around the city make Kolkata a must visit destination during Christmas. Don’t forget to sample the yummy pastries and cakes sold in Flurry’s in Kolkata on your Christmas visit.

Romantic Shillong
X-mas in Shillong
Shillong is perfect for a quiet intimate and romantic Christmas with your partner as it’s a peaceful and beautiful place which is as yet shielded away from the prying eyes of tourists. Come Christmas and the whole town is decked up with traditional wax candles and shimmery lights. Delectable festive North Eastern dishes are prepared in homes while the songs of carols and hymns fill the streets. There are many local bands here which play fusion Gospel music that is interesting to hear.

Unexplored Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Dadra and Nagar Haveli have a strong British Colonial influence which very few people know about. Christmas here has a distinct old colonial touch with a tribal twist. About 19 different types of tribes reside here and each of them infuses their own special customs into the celebration of Christmas. There are beautiful beaches here where you can hang out having a fun time with friends and family.

Marvelous Delhi
Christmas Celebratioin in Delhi
Delhi too offers you some amazing Christmas memories. All the shopping malls, food courts, multiplexes come up with fabulous offers to let you shop around and enjoy your Christmas bash to your heart’s fill. Wonderful dishes, great discounts, lit up streets for the festive times just give you enough for the Christmas party to go on and on!