Kayaking Destinations that You Don’t Want to Miss

Have your best kayaking experience abroad and get all you need at West Marine.

01. Rio Alseseca Watershed – Veracruz, Mexico
Rio Alseseca Watershed - Veracruz, Mexico
Paddle your way and enjoy white water. Great for any kayaking level, river has Class III-VI rapids. You can access the river in a quick drive from any direction. Get close to the river and get visit West Marine.

Have an adventure, go for a lightweight and portable paddle that splits into 4 pieces; opt for Advanced Elements 4-Piece Compact Touring Kayak Paddle, 231cm. Packs easily in your luggage, won’t break and when ready to use just unpack. Paddle in place and pull against the water. Feel the comfort and make this your one and one paddle.

Step up your game, showcase a piece of art and impress your crew with an Oru Kayak Bay Sit-Inside Foldable Kayak. Unfold your true origami, impress and in less than 10 minutes you are ready to go. Whether beginner or expert, you’ll have fun in this roomy kayak. Great for a long trip to enjoy all Rio Alseseca Watershed has to offer. Ideal for those limited in living space, and can be stored in a backpack at home or when traveling.

02. Dora Baltea River, Piedmont, Italy
Dora Baltea River, Piedmont, Italy
When you want to go kayaking you wouldn’t think of Italy, but surprisingly it does have paddling rivers. A hot spot is Dora Baltea River in Piedmont. Plan a kayaking trip during the summer and get ready to explore.

Sit on top of your kayak, add support and comfort while you enjoy the beautiful view of Dora Baltea River and get an Outfitter Adjustable Kayak Seat from West Marine. Can be easily adjusted for right level of support needed.

Go for versatility, and feel safe in the water with an Inshore Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket, Blue/Gray. In case you fall in the water, this jacket will immediately inflate and get you back to safety.

03. Nile and Zambezi Rivers – Zambia and Uganda
Nile and Zambezi Rivers - Zambia and Uganda
If you want to be in kayaker’s paradise go to Zambia and Uganda and explore the Nile and Zambezi River. Rapids are Class IV and Class V. While here checkout the island of Madagascar.

Go in active style and get Pelagic Argonaut Boardshorts. Shorts have a 8 way Octo stretch to allow you to keep moving. Perfect lightweight water shorts that dry quickly and are stain resistant.

Move freely, feel protected and get a snug fit Dakim Wrath Long Sleeve Rashguard. Take care of your skin and prevent rashes from touching the water and sand.

04. Napali Coast, Kauai
Napali Coast, Kauai
Have the adventure of your lifetime and go kayaking to Napali Coast, Kauai. Be mesmerized by the beautiful coastal cliffs, greenly mountains and sandy beaches.

Go on a solo adventure, opt for great performance and get a Scamper I Inflatable Sit-Inside Kayak. Prepare to have fun on this very lightweight of only 21 pounds.

Get a good hand placement, cruise the water comfortably and get a West Marine Aluminum Pro Kayak Paddle, 230cm.

Go kayaking at a great destination, do it prepared and visit West Marine.