Explore Some of the Best Museums in Chennai

Visiting the interesting museums in Chennai is a very educational way of enjoying your weekends. And, rather than drive through chaotic traffic, struggle with parking places and do the very same things every day, why not break from the ennui and boredom by using a Car Rental in Chennai? Head out and explore these unique museums in the gorgeous city of Chennai.

List of 04 Most Famous Museums of Chennai

01. Government Museum
The Egmore Government Museum
The Egmore Government Museum from 1851 displays a blend of Indian and Saracenic architecture, a cultural collection of curios, artifacts, and relics from the bygone eras, archaeological remains, oil paintings, artworks of the legendary Raja Ravi Varma, and houses the Museum Theatre for performing arts and cultural events. A visit worth its weight in historical importance!

02. Live Art Museum
Live Art Museum
Live Art Museum located at Anna Enclave on East Coast Road takes the artistic idea of wax museums further to give you a feel of click-art and meeting life-like silicone figures of famous personalities. A one-of-its-kind in the world this museum has costume designers, sculptors, 3D visualizers and an entire team dedicated to bringing out the close-to-life feel. So real are the Silicone figures that most people visit to take photographs with them. Be click-ready as you admire, take selfies, and experience contemporary expressions of live-art at its best.

03. Vintage Camera Museum
Vintage Camera Museum
Vintage Camera Museum is a treasure trove of cameras in exhibition on East Coast Road boasting of 1500 rare and old cameras. On display is the spectacular large format wooden camera 8ft long and 5 ft tall! You will see how image processing evolved when you see aerial cameras from World War II, early film and camera equipment, spy cameras from the 1960’s, Kodaks and Yashicas of the 1970’s and such extremely rare photographic equipment. A learning experience to appreciate and celebrate the evolution of today’s contemporary technology and art this museum offers students of art, visualization, and 3D art explorers an unbelievably rare chance to experience a piece of history.

04. Click Art Museum
Click Art Museum
Click Art Museum located at Injambakkam houses 24- large 3D-art displays sets that provide unbelievable pictures on entering the frame. Ever thought of posing with a chimp, flying with a bird or shrinking to ant-size images? Well, it is possible here where marked spots give you the 3D-effect and make the pictures seem alive. One understands how the effects in movies seem so real. Imagine a snake with bared fangs coming right at you, have your body cut in half, fly like an airplane, be tempted by Eve as Adam watches, pose with Bruce Lee, shrink your size suddenly, or appear like a matador fighting the charging bull! Visual animation and 3D graphics are at their best and used as a form of contemporary art here to award you an Oscar for posing and reluctantly leaving this imaginary world!

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