Reasons to Go Skiing in Dubai

Have you ever thought about why you would love to ski? We will examine why this is so popular, as well as why to go skiing in Dubai. For those who do not already understand it; skiing is for some just a winter recreational activity, for others, it is a whole way of life. Either way, it is obviously very enjoyable for many, many people. The participants of this sport utilize their skis to literally glide on the snow. There are types of skiing you can do with either man-made snow or no snow at all. However, a lot of people see this as taking all of the fun out of it. Especially for the entire ski experience from the beginning preparations, all the way to the post skiing events. Events such as sitting in front of a fireplace with your friends with hot cups of cocoa are as much a part of this activity as skiing itself.
Skiing in Dubai
Skiing is a sport that is rich in history, with its roots being traced all the way back to 600 BC in China. However, it is primarily associated with countries in Scandinavia such as Norway, Sweden and Finland. It was in the latter two countries mentioned that the use of asymmetrical skis originated. The idea of using two poles in this activity came about in the mid-1700s. In its early days it was used for transportation purposes rather than the widespread recreational use it now boasts.

It is highly possible that most people never associated the Middle Eastern countries with skiing. However, there are some wonderful skiing facilities there; especially in Dubai that are quite popular with native people and tourists alike. Most notably is the Ski Dubai recreational facility located in the Mall of Emirates. This is the first indoor ski center in the entire Middle East with skiing itself being just one of the many activities to enjoy. People can also go snowboarding there or take a ride on the Snow Bullet; OR simply play in the snow. While you are there, do not forget to “meet” their world-famous penguins. This facility also offers expert trainers in a wide variety of classes for people who do not already know how to ski (or for those who want to improve their skills.)

When you are taking a break from skiing there are special events to enjoy. One of these events is known as the Ice Warrior “test where you can pit your skills against the “toughest commando assault on snow.” You can compete by yourself or join others in a team setting. If you succeed in your challenge you can win a trip to Amsterdam. Even if you do not win the grand prize you can go home with very nice consolation prizes. Either way, you will love the excitement of this event. Find out more information on this (and other activities) on the Ski Dubai website.

There is a specific section of the Ski Dubai website that focuses solely on pricing. It includes everything you would want to know about that. You must arrange for a babysitter for children younger than 2 years old. Due to safety reasons, they are not allowed to be in this park at all. The pricing section is broken down into the different kinds of activities you can participate in, as well as the various age levels. The park even has special deals from time to time to put an exclamation point on the fun you can have. This place is not just a recreational activity – it is an experience to be had by everyone that books their reservations. Make sure you do not pass up the opportunity to go there.