Tourism Helps Improve Local Lives

A lot of people go on their holidays to Costa del Sol or where ever else they want to go. Most of the time they do not give a second thought about the people and the economy of the place that they are visiting. This attitude is starting to change, and people are interested in Eco-Tourism and want to know how they can help the local economy and also the people of the places that they visit. This is something which is also on the agenda of a lot of governments. These governments are trying to promote tourism in their country in order to help the local communities. This can be seen in places all over the world;

  • South East Asia
  • Eastern Europe
  • South America
  • Central Asia
  • Africa

There are lots of ways that you can have a fantastic holiday in a new and vibrant destination, which will in turn directly help the local people.

Not A Bundled Tour

Instead of getting the traditionally bundled holiday, which mainly utilizes the services of the larger tour and hotel companies, why not try to book things directly instead? You can organize your flights easily enough and then choose a local hotel or resort in your country of choice by searching on the internet. You will be able to find some quality hotels and resorts, which you can stay at. These hotels and resorts will compete with some of the larger hotel chains in terms of service, amenities offered and also price. Before you make your booking, you can even read other guests reviews of the hotels that they stayed at. This can be great information, which can help you to choose the best place for both you and your family. Bundled tours are easy and convenient, but you also miss out on another side of the country that you are visiting.


Using the local transport is another way that you can put money directly into the community that you are visiting. Instead of using the Limousine service from a big hotel chain, use the local taxis, rickshaws, Tuk Tuks or whatever else is on offer. These people are also a wealth of information, as long as you can converse for other things to see and do in the local area that you have chosen to stay. Often in places such as South East Asia, you do have to be careful as before you know it, you may have a Tuk Tuk driver taking you to lots of different shops which will try and sell you goods that you do not want. These drivers typically get a commission for each shop that they take you to, but this is also a good way of getting some cheap transport. You can arrange for the driver to double as your holiday destination guide and take you to a couple of shops, even though you do not buy anything he will get some commission, when you are done he can take you on to your destination at a discounted rate.

Markets and Shopping

If you are going away to a warm climate, then it is nice to get into an air-conditioned shopping mall sometimes to cool down. However, if you are really looking to add to the local economy, try going to a local market and see what is on offer. Quite often you will get a wide range of different products sold, and you can get some very good bargains if you shop around and learn how to haggle.


Another good way for putting some money into the local economy on your holiday is to get out of the hotel and eat at the local restaurants and cafes that are about. Quite often, you will find that the standard of the food is higher, but with a much lower price tag. Try getting out of the tourist-popular areas and find where the locals eat. If you have a Smartphone, then try downloading a translation application for the language spoken in the country that you are visiting. This should make it a lot easier to communicate with the locals if their English is limited. But this is half the fun of traveling somewhere new and exciting. Remove yourself from your comfort zone for a while and live a little whilst experiencing a new country and culture. I can guarantee you will not regret it!