6 Amazing Destinations Must Visit in New York Once in Life

The States has more to offer than just its landscapes and stunningly beautiful sceneries. Yes of course, the modern technological thrills and the creativity enthralling in all the corners, New York is one of the most popular tourist attractions. People visit this city to get a journey of America’s past and study its steady yet fast transition into one of the superpowers of the world. Well, if you are not a citizen of the States, you hardly get one or two trips here for vacation purposes.

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So here we get you 6 destinations that if visited, will give you a lifetime experience of learning and fun.

Statue of Liberty:
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty, as the name suggests is the symbol of freedom of the people of USA. Located in the center of the city harbour, this statue is a neoclassical sculpture that was gifted to the people of USA by the people of France. The statue depicts the goddess of freedom with a torch in one hand and a tablet with the America’s Independence Day inscribed on it. The Statue of Liberty is indeed one of the striking monuments in the whole of USA.

Empire State Building:
Empire State Building
The Empire State building located in Middletown Manhattan is one of the tallest free-standing structures in America, going up to a height of almost 1200 ft. The building goes to 103 storeys. Built and completed in 1940s, the Empire State building is the tallest in New York and has been called as the cultural icon of the city, along with the title of modern wonder of the world. Truly, it is worth visiting for its design and observatory atop.

Museum of Natural History:
Museum of Natural History
The Museum Of National History attracts almost 5 million visitors annually and making it one of the most visited museums in the nation. The museum was established in 1869 and is now one of the world’s most popular and celebrated museums. With an interconnection of 27 buildings and 45 exhibition halls to display thousands of specimens and artifacts, the museum gives you an opportunity to explore the history of not just America, but the whole mankind too.

Times Square:
Times Square
The Great White Way, The Crossroads of World- these names are enough to explain what tourists and common people think about this place called Times Square. It is located at a walking distance from the Central Park. One of the busiest pedestrian plazas in the world, the Times Square attracts almost 350 000 people daily out of which mostly are tourists.

Central Park:
Central Park
The Central Park is one of the most visited urban parks in the whole of the nation. Completed in 1873, this park has been an amazing inspiration for various sketch artists and painters over the years. Beautiful landscape with an amazingly peaceful environment, this park doesn’t fail to impress anyone at all.

Ellis Island Immigration Centre:
Ellis Island Immigration Centre
Ellis Island Immigration Centre, as the name suggests is an immigration museum that houses the documents and check documents of various immigrants who arrived to USA. This was the immigrant check center till the year 1954 after which it was converted to a museum.

Well, of course, there are more, with the infamous 9/11 memorial where people visit to offer their respect and prayers to the victims of September 11 attacks.

Opportunity for Once!

If you are going to the states or are already there and planning to the visit the city, don’t miss these destinations and discover a whole new side of fun here. And for those of you still waiting and planning, apply for the USA visa for permanent settlement in New York. After all, you need to experience these and feel the fun this city has to offer!