Bangalore – Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore is one of the proud cities of India. It is a neat and sophisticated Indian city. Capital of Karnataka, this is the third largest city in India.

Bangalore is renowned to hold magnificent scenic beauty and a primary part of the Travel Packages to Karnataka. It is also known as the ‘garden city’ for the reason that it has numerous gardens and parks located. This city emphasize on offering a perfect blend of scenic beauty and historical monuments that work as a great magnetism for the travelers.

There are not one but many places in Bangalore that are worth watching thus making this city a popular tourist destination. If one is on a trip to Bangalore, one should make sure to have ample time that one can invest in exploring it thoroughly. This is why the city has a magnetism for the hordes of tourist that can’t resist themselves from getting impressed with its enduring charm.

So, to keep the travelers busy here goes the long list of tourist’s attractions that are populously visited. We have got the list mentioned below that imbibe the explanation and introduction to all the popular gardens and other famous tourists attractions that are worth paying a visit. From beautiful gardens to the calm and serene lakes to the royal palaces everything is summed up under that impress the travelers and make them inclined to explore more and more about the city.

Tourist Attractions in Bangalore

01. Lal Bagh Gardens
Lal Bagh
Start your Bangalore sightseeing tour with some of the tour specialties offered by this green city. This is a must-see site that has been rated high and valued for its blossomed red roses. It is believed that they remain blossoming all the year round. The garden also comprise of famous Botanical species also. Though, the garden has an enduring charm and grace all the year round, still during festive seasons or on special occasions, the beauty of this garden seem spectacular.

02. Vidhan Soudha
Vidhan Soudha
It was built in the year 1954 and is counted to be as one of the major attractions in Bangalore. The architect style of the building is based on the neo-Dravidian style. This building presently houses the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka and a part of the building also houses the Karnataka secretariat.

03. Cubbon Park
Cubbon Park
This attraction rests in the heart of Bangalore city. It is a very interesting tourist spot that can’t be missed out from the tour plans. It was laid by Lord Cubbon in 1864. Spread over a major land of area, covering 300 acres, this park has got an impressive the layout which looks absolutely exquisite.

04. Bangalore Palace
Bangalore Palace
It was built in the year 1887. Bangalore Palace is great place to be while touring to the garden city. The architecture of this royal building is based on Tudor style. As it rests in the middle of the city, it falls within easy access for the travelers. It is spread around in a major land area of about 800 acres. The palace looks similar to the Windsor Palace of England.

05. Venkatappa Art Gallery
Venkatappa Art Gallery
For art lovers, Bangalore has kept stocked this amazing tourist spot. Venkatappa art gallery features about 600 paintings that are kept on display throughout the year. Also this art gallery features some of exclusive collections of scenic displays.

06. Tipu’s Palace
Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace
Tipu Sultan, the great warrior has got a great tribute in the form of Tipu’s palace.

The layout, architecture, and the overall look together throw the idea of the ethnic Mughal lifestyle.

The fort and its remains speak loud about the history of the era during which it was built. The construction of this palace was started by Haider Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan himself.

07. ISKCON Temple
ISKCON Temple Complex of Bangalore is again a famous spot to be while touring the garden city. It has got a marvelous building structure that comprises of a blend of Dravidian and modern architecture.

The building comprises of some modern facilities like the multi-vision cinema theatre, a preaching library and computer-aided presentation theatres accompanied by Vedic library. Travelers can also ask for good accommodation facility that is offered here.

08. Shiva Statue
Shiva Statue
The statue has a 65 feet high depiction of Lord Shiva which is in a position of Padmasana or Lotus position. The statue is also made complete with Mount Kailash, known to be the Lord’s heavenly abode along with river Ganga flowing from his matted locks in the background.

The entire area and view is mesmerizing and gives depicts a clear picture of mythological legend connected to it.

09. Bull temple
Bull Temple
For those who like to explore some of the religious ceremonies happenings in India, this is the place to be. Bull Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva’s Vahana (vehicle), Nandi, the bull. Here travelers will find a huge monolithic statue of the sitting bull that magnetizes a large count of people each day.

The statue placed here in the temple is 4.5 meters tall and 6 meters long. It was there even before when the present temple was built.

10. Aquarium
Standing second largest in the world, the view of Aquarium is quite fascinating. It is built with a well-planned strategy and design and has got great collection of variety of aquatic life. It remains closed on Mondays.

11. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
This popular tourist attraction is also one of the must-see in Bangalore. Tour to this attraction is surely going to be a knowledgeable one for the tourists. Shows featured here provide factual knowledge on astronomy that is of great interest for the travelers.

No matter, where you are in city, it is easily accessible from all the corners. This place is good to be visited with families, especially with kids.