Plan and Explore the Beauty of Gorakhpur this winter

Uttar Pradesh is one of the most prominent states in India. Geographically and politically it has huge influence on the country. There are some beautiful places to visit in Uttar Pradesh. Among those places Gorakhpur is one of the most popular places. You can look for holiday packages for Gorakhpur and then you will get an idea about the places there. Plenty of sites are there on the internet where you can find reliable information on the holiday trip packages. It is very important to plan your trip properly. Otherwise, you might end up without seeing a few important places there. That is why you need to know about the places before making your itinerary. It would be helpful for you.

Gorakhpur is located near the Border of India-Nepal at the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. This city is a popular religious center in India and throughout the year the devotees come here from various parts of the country. Gorakhpur is the home to many historic and religious places. During the independence movement in India Gorakhpur plays a crucial part. Today it has emerged as a business center and prominent industrial area in North India.

Winter is definitely the best time to visit Gorakhpur. The harsh summer can cause a lot of trouble and that is why if you are planning for a trip to Gorakhpur winter will be the ideal time.

Tourist Attractions in Gorakhpur

There are some historic and religious places that you must visit in Gorakhnath. For a weekend trip Gorakhnath could be your ideal destination. Some of the places that you must visit in Gorakhnath Are-

01. Gorakhnath Temple
Gorakhnath Temple
This is definitely one of the main attractions in Gorakhpur. This temple was dedicated and named after the great saint Gorakhnath. This is a beautiful and ancient temple in this area. During the Makar-Sankranti thousands of pilgrims come here to take part in the month-long festival. You will experience the richness of Hindu culture in Gorakhpur during that time. This festival happens in January and that is definitely the best time to visit Gorakhpur.

02. Vishnu Temple
Vishnu Temple
This is another beautiful temple in Gorakhpur. This is a temple of Lord Vishnu and the statue is made of black stone. This is a very old statue that belongs to the Pal dynasty. During Dussehra every year Ram-Lila festival is organized here. The devotees come here to celebrate the Ram-Lila festival from various places. They believe it washes away the sins of the earth. The Ram-Lila procession is grand and extravagant and definitely a huge crowd puller.

03. Geeta Vatika
Geeta Vatika
Goddess Radha was the love of Lord Krishna. This temple is dedicated to goddess Radha and the non-stop 24 hour prayer is the main attraction there. The theme of this temple is the love between Lord Krishna and Radha. The temple is grand and beautiful. You would definitely love spending time here.

04. Arogya Mandir
Arogya Mandir
This is the place where the experts treat various problems with naturopathy. This place was established in the year 1940 and till date various people come here to take help from naturopathy. The green surrounding and the beautiful premises are definitely worth seeing.

05. Ramgarh Taal
Ramgarh Taal
This is a beautiful natural lake. Beside the lake there is a water sports complex and a planetarium. You can also visit the Champa Vihar Park nearby.

Gorakhpur is a beautiful small town and you will definitely enjoy your stay there.