Travel Alarm Clocks – Options and Prices:

There are many different kinds of travel alarm clocks. If you are going on vacation or holiday, and especially if you travel a lot in your line of work, these clocks are a necessity. Having the right alarm clock will get you where you need to go on time, whether it is to catch a flight or train, or to meet up with a client.

There are many different brand names and styles of alarm clocks and the prices vary a lot, depending on which one you buy. You do not need to buy the most expensive one on the market but you should get something that is good quality and will not suddenly stop when you need it most. Whether you get a digital or analog travel alarm clock is up to your preferences and taste; one is not better than the other. If you are a light sleeper, then be sure to get a loud travel alarm clock; this is not too difficult to do as many either come with a loud alarm or an alarm that increases in volume.

Braun Travel Alarm Clocks:

Braun travel alarm clocks are either round or square in shape and they are all analog clocks. The shape has no bearing on the cost. A Braun travel alarm clock costs in the range of $40–$50. The most affordable one is the square shaped Braun AB1A Travel Clock Alarm in Silver. This classic clock was designed in 1971, updated in 1987, and continues to be a reliable alarm clock. This particular clock can be found for sale at

Other options include the round and square Braun alarm clocks selling at online retailer These clocks are available in silver and black and feature a quiet quartz mechanism and interval alarm signal. You can also find a round Braun alarm clock for sale at; this particular model costs around $5 more than the above-mentioned ones.

Timex Travel Alarm Clocks:

Timex is a well-known brand and a Timex travel alarm clock is a lot easier to find than a Braun one. Unlike Braun alarm clocks, Timex alarm clocks are digital and modern in design. Timex travel alarm clocks cost in the range of $12–$40.

If you just want a simple travel alarm clock to wake you in the mornings, then the Timex T117L Travel Alarm Clock with Built-In Flashlight is a good choice. It costs nearly $20 on and comes in either blue or black. This particular model features a gentle alarm that increases in volume, a liquid crystal time display and night light that allows you to see the time in the dark easily. The Timex Travel Alarm Clock Radio is another very good option, especially if you want an alarm clock with a radio. This small travel alarm clock is very easy to fold up and carry and costs only $15 on This analog clock also has a small flashlight that enables one to see the time in the dark.

While you can often find better prices via online retailers, Timex travel alarm clocks are also available at Wal-Mart, Kmart, Sears, Target and Radio Shack.

Bulova Travel Alarm Clocks:

Bulova travel alarm clocks can be either digital or analog. A Bulova travel alarm clock costs at least $15, unless you buy one used from eBay or another site that offers used items.

The analog Bulova alarm clocks are quite beautiful in style. While the analog clocks do not come with all the amenities a digital alarm clock would feature, they are classy and elegant in their own right. The vintage Bulova alarm clocks are especially beautiful. These are a bit difficult to find in brand new condition but both eBay and sell them used for around $20 each. There are also more modern-style Bulova alarm clocks selling for around $24 at for those who would prefer something new and more contemporary in style. The only disadvantage to buying a Bulova analog travel alarm clock is that nearly all of them are wind up— you have to remember to wind them up every 30 hours if you want them to work.

Digital Bulova travel alarm clocks are quite good looking also; you can buy an Avant model with a titanium finish case for only $26. This particular alarm clock has an ascending beep alarm and snooze function; it also comes with a travel pouch. If you want something with a small light to see the time by, then you will need to pay around $5 more and purchase the Avant II Travel Alarm Clock. This particular model comes with the same amenities as the Avant model listed above, as well as a lighted dial and a handy second clock setting that enables you to keep track of the time in another time zone.