A Guide to Travel Insurance for Pensioners

Many people dream of going traveling once they have retired. Once that they do not have to spend their days at work they go and can see the world. One aspect of travel people overlook is travel insurance for pensioners. Pensioners travel insurance is especially relevant to seniors. This is because the older that one is, the higher the risks involved when they are traveling. Due to this reason, travel insurance for elderly people can be very expensive. However, pensioners should still buy a policy, as it will provide them cover for illness, accidents, stolen or lost luggage, theft, and in the worst-case scenario, death.
Travel Insurance for Pensioners
How to Look for a Travel Insurance Provider

There are a number of insurance providers that specialize in travel insurance for senior citizens. Pensioners should make a list of these providers and take the time to contact them. It is wise for seniors to contact as many providers as they can as senior insurance can become quite pricey. Therefore, it is best to shop around in order to see what deals are available to them.

One important tool that is often overlooked when people are trying to buy a product is a comparison website. There are many websites on the internet that examine insurance policies from different providers. Once they have gathered the necessary information about the policy, they compare the features and costs of each policy against one another. This can be a vital tool, which helps seniors both get a better deal for their insurance policy and understand what they are covered for in the event of a claim.

Travel Insurance is Expensive

Unfortunately, travel insurance for the elderly is not cheap. This is understandable as older people are more likely to be injured, fall or get sick. This is the reason that older people tend to pay more on health-related insurance policies.

Elderly travelers are simply going to have to accept the fact that they will be paying more for their insurance than the average traveller will.

What Travel Insurance Covers

In general, travel insurance will cover the traveler’s medical costs and a few other losses and expenses. Some of these include lost, stolen or delayed luggage and covers the trip has to be canceled due to an emergency.

Medical costs can be substantial if one happens to get sick in a country of which they are not a resident. Due to this, the medical aspect of travel insurance is the one elderly should be most concerned about.

Holiday Coverage for Elderly May be Hard to Find

As older people are more prone to illness and accidents it may seem that it is difficult to find an insurance policy that covers seniors. However, more travel agencies and insurance companies are now aware there is a need for this product. Due to this, it may be easier to find a policy than expected.

What to Do When a Suitable Insurance Policy Has Been Found

Once a buyer has decided what sort of policy they require and also what companies they intend to buy it from, a few things need to be done.

First, the policy must be looked over very carefully so that any fine print or clauses are not overlooked. If there are clauses in the contract that are unsuitable, the buyer should make a note of them and bring it up with the insurance company. Some companies are more flexible than others are and this means that they may be willing to work with the buyer to organize a package that the buyer is happy with.

Seniors should also be aware that they may already have a small amount of cover in place. Some home contents insurance policies will cover a small amount of luggage being taken overseas. In addition, many credit card companies offer free travel insurance for those who have credit card insurance. However, care should be taken if one intends to use these types of policies. They are often very basic and may have clauses that exclude certain personal items and seniors from coverage.

Pre-existing Conditions

Many seniors will be concerned that they will be unable to get travel insurance for the elderly due to pre-existing conditions that they are afflicted with. However, this is not the case. The insurance providers that cater to the elderly are aware that illness is something that goes hand in hand with aging. These providers will often cover most pre-existing conditions. However most providers will not cover any issues one may have with their heart.

Regardless of how difficult it may be to get travel insurance for pensioners one should not be tempted to lie on their application form. If deception on the part of the traveller is uncovered, a claim can be rejected, whether it is a legitimate claim or not. In most cases, the elderly can find coverage that will meet their needs; however, they may need to pay a little extra for it.