Travel Tips for Travelling in Uttarakhand

Want to make a trip to Uttarakhand? Nestled in the majestic Himalayan foothills, Uttarakhand attracts travelers from far and wide because of spiritual glory as also of its scenic beauty and panoramic mountainous views. To get the best travel tips to Uttarakhand, you need to go through this article.
Uttarakhand Tourism
The base of the Himalayas is known as Uttarakhand and this region is adjacent to Nepal and Tibet at two sides. Uttarakhand is famous for its untouched pristine loveliness. There are two main divisions of Uttarakhand; Garhwal (northern part) and Kumaon (Southern part) of Uttarakhand. There is an eclectic mix of ancient religious places, lush jungles, wildlife parks, trekking trails and an abundance of fresh natural beauty. However, these are a few things that you should know about before you finalize your travel ternary for Uttarakhand.

Climate in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a place that sees a lot of tourist traffic both in the summer and winter months. However just as a visit to the lower regions of Uttarakhand is advisable in the winter, the higher areas are best visited in the summer. Uttarakhand has extreme climate with a lot of temperature variation between day and night. A few areas like Rishikesh and Haridwar are very dry so lots of fluids should be consumed in order to combat the effects of dehydration. It’s advisable to wear loose free flowing cotton clothes if you are going for a day out in the summers.

The winter season in Uttarakhand is quite cold and the season lasts from October to March. Snowfall is quite common especially in the upper regions of Uttarakhand. Tourists are advised to pack in their woolens if they make a plan to explore Uttarakhand in the winters.

The rainy season is not a very pleasant phase in Uttarakhand as the hilly parts are particularly prone to landslides. It’s best to avoid the monsoons when making your plans for visiting Uttarakhand.

Top 5 Tourist Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett National Park: A trip to Jim Corbett national park should be on your agenda if you plan on visiting Nainital…one of the best tourist destinations of Nainital. The famous hunter, writer and ecological conservationist Jim Corbett has this park named after him. You can explore the sanctuary perched on the top of an elephant or sitting in an open-air jeep to see the exotic flora and fauna of the place. If you are lucky you may sight wild elephants or tigers.

Haridwar: This is counted amongst one of the most religious places in Uttarakhand. This place is right there at the foothills of the mountains and t is the favorite destination for all Hindu pilgrims. A dip in the holy Ganges which originates from the Himalayas is said to wash away all sins. The evening aarti of Haridwar is of special interest as it is one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences of Hinduism. Thousands of gleaming lighted diyas are floated on Ganges with the musical symphony of religious chants in the background.

Valley of Flowers: More than 300 different varieties of flowers bloom in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Perhaps this is why a national park named valley of flowers is situated there. This is one of the best trekking destinations of India as the carpet of flamboyant colors against the snowy backdrop of Himalaya makes for a mesmerizing experience.

Nainital: This is a hilly town in the Southern part of Uttarakhand i.e. The Kumaon area. This was the favorite summer retreat of British colonial officers in Pre Independence times. Nainital still remains of the top hill stations in India in terms of tourist value. The Naini Lake in Nainital is famous for its beauty while the Mall road is a great destination for shopaholics. Boating, horse riding, paragliding and skiing are the top sports activities in Nainital.

Rishikesh: (the yoga center of India) and Char Dham (source of 4 holy rivers are two other major tourist attractions in Uttarakhand.

Travel in Uttarakhand
Railways are the most important means of conveyance in Uttarakhand. Most states are well connected to Uttarakhand via the railway network. The routes have been developed in a way so that passengers can appreciate the unique raw beauty of Uttarakhand while traveling. The last terminal of the broad gauze line of the Northeastern line of Rail is the Kathgodam station. Trains run from Nainital to Delhi, Howrah, Mathura and Dehradun. Lalkuan station and Haldwani station are two other stations of Uttarakhand.

Many people also prefer traveling by car to Uttarakhand so that they can enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of the place.

  • The major trains which run in Uttarakhand are as follows.
  • Ranikhet Express – Kathgodam station to New Delhi station.
  • Bagh express- Kathgodam station to Howrah station.
  • Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express – Kathgodam station to Delhi station.
  • Nainital Express- Lalkuan station to Lucknow station.
  • Kumaon Express- Lalkuan station to Mathura station.