Visiting And Enjoying Singapore

Some people get confused about whether Singapore is a city or country. For all intents and purposes, it is considered a city-state. Basically, Singapore is a city that is a country and deemed as a sovereign nation. There are around 60 offshore islands that are part of Singapore but there is no capital since they are completely urbanized. Singapore is filled with small compartments of treetop walks, reservoirs, nature reserves, lakes, farms, and parks. In fact, Singapore hosts the world’s biggest observation wheel, the Flyer, which is larger than the London Eye.

Singapore is one of the most pleasurable cities in Southeast Asia. As you whoosh in from one of the world’s chicest airports down the blossoming tree-lined expressway or on the fast MRT train line, you will promptly realize that there is no traffic-congested Bangkok. While strolling by the fashion trade centers on Orchard Road, prod through the antique stores in Chinatown, or take a stroll around the many stunning city parks, you will find that the country is organized, prosperous and clean city with plenty to offer visiting and enjoying here.

At Glance

Singapore was established in 1819 as a British trading settlement. In 1963 it united with the Malaysian Federation separating a couple of years later and becoming independent. As a result, Singapore has become one of the world’s most affluent countries with solid international trading connections along with one of the world’s busiest ports. In addition, a per capita GDP equivalent to leading Western Europe nations has guaranteed a place for Singapore on the world map.

Singapore consists of mainly Chinese near 77%, Malay around 14%, and Indian near 8%, and other nationalities around 1.5%. The official languages spoken are Mandarin 35%, English 23%, Malay 14%, Hokkien 11%, along with Cantonese, Teochew, Tamil, and other Chinese dialects. This country population is around 5.5 million as of 2012.

Singapore is frequently called one of Asia’s financial “tigers.” Its economy is motivated by financial services and electronic manufacturing. They have managed to weather regional calamities such as the 1997 Asian markets drop, the 2003 Sars-virus epidemic, and the world banking crisis of 2009.

Eating Out

Singapore’s history of immigration has left an abundant cultural and architectural inheritance that makes roving the streets a fascinating enchantment. It doesn’t help that it is one of the world’s great eating centers. Food is a national fixation, and it’s easy to see why. Seated under a star-filled sky at a lively center with several bottles of Tiger beer, and chomping on a vast amount of Asian dishes is an iconic Singaporean experience. Clay-pot seafood, chicken rice, Sambal stingray, oyster omelets, char Kway Teow, beef rending, and fish head curry, are just some of the delicious foods that will have your palate panting for more. Imagine, all of this takes place is some of the most modern, stylish, and innovative restaurants in the province.


Even more stylish than Singapore’s stunning restaurants are their boutiques. There is a plethora of extravagant shopping to be done. Orchard Rd is aligned with Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Victoria Secret, and other well-known stores; away from the more expensive outlets can be found everything from clothes to electronics along with an assortment of antique shops that few Asian cities can equal.


Exciting activities include mountain biking around Bukit-Timah, diving with sharks at Underwater-World on Sentosa, waterboarding or skiing on the Kallang River, leopard viewing at Singapore’s Zoo thrilling Night-Safari, rock climbing, and go-carting. Moreover, if you want to totally get away from civilization, the center of the island preserves huge regions of forest where only the quiet sounds of nature can be heard. Actually, the country is one of the only cities out of two in the world that continues to keep a part of their main rainforest in the appearance of Bukit Timah Nature-Reserve.

Many visitors come away in awe at Singapore’s somewhat liberal way of life. Nonetheless, you don’t have to look too far to see their colorful, rakish history, or the signs of a flourishing and creatively tolerant open community. Singapore’s spirit is thriving and unique.


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